Desmarins Digital Media

All about us - No different than traditional media, digital media will require certain considerations involving everything from strategic planning to content revision and upgrades.

Communications Marketing

Our projects usually start with the development of specific proposals, outlining the general objectives and tools, amongst other items, in order to better clarify issues that are relevant to the job to be done. We try to gather all this in order to:
- obtain a fair understanding of the company, its market and the forces that influences both.
- achieve a complete intake of the existing media, market tendencies, entry barriers and competitor's actions, as well as the best goals to obtain competitive advantages.
- develop a full communications plan that will be developed from the initial proposal drafted.
- undertake the production of final elements used for the achievement of established goals.

We aim to maximize results, within existing possibilities - and deliver client satisfaction, thus developing a mutual and beneficial relation with our clients that will prove advantageous to all in the future.


A designer, as a professional, suffers a strong prejudice in the brazilian domestic market - always the first to go when cost cuts are required and the last to be valued for his (her´s) accomplishments.

Webdesign really demands much more than just good looks - it relies on a well structured marketing planning and strategy to work.

As in the case of advertising agencies, the webdesigner has to master a working knowledge in communications marketing in order to apply the craft to commercial ends.

Desmarins offers companies a new concept in communications

Digital media communications - specially in its more popular format, the Web - requires, more than any other, know-how and experience while dealing with project development.

Digital media: a set of communication formats based on digital technology (internet, CD-ROM, 3D, mp3, digital video, animation, and so on).

Please contact us to make an appointment. We are at your disposal to aid in any digital media projects that require specialized services.